Seven Unconventional Tips for Managing Alexithymia

I just made a video about being autistic in therapy, and, more specifically, how learning to cope with alexithymia has helped me manage anxiety (and is not the same thing as “treating autism”). I’m not even going to hyperlink to it. Instead, I’ll embed it right here. Okay, now that you have watched my videoContinue reading “Seven Unconventional Tips for Managing Alexithymia”

The Autist’s Guide to College Accommodations

Here is a relatively brief summary of my experience of being autistic and having disability accommodations in college. Everyone is different, if you’ve met one person with autism, etc., etc., so no guarantees that this will be applicable to you. But hopefully some parts are helpful. Typically, to get accommodations in college, you first haveContinue reading “The Autist’s Guide to College Accommodations”

The Autist’s Guide to Staying Organized in College

Pick one system. At one point, someone told me to put things in my calendar to remember them. So I did. Then I downloaded an app to tell me to drink water (I often forget to drink water). That was good. Then Canvas sent me reminders every time I had an assignment due. I decidedContinue reading “The Autist’s Guide to Staying Organized in College”

This is the difference between respectful and disrespectful autism therapy

Disrespectful Therapist: Why are you flapping your hands like that? That’s weird. Stop it. Me: [Says nothing, stops flapping hands, thus losing a valuable tool for coping with overwhelming emotions and sensory stimuli. Spends I-don’t-even-know-how-many years using other, extremely unhealthy coping mechanisms that take an enormous toll on my physical and psychological health. Finally getsContinue reading “This is the difference between respectful and disrespectful autism therapy”

Are the minions autistic???

For starters: if you have not seen Despicable Me, you have not truly lived. The second is substantially worse and the third is…um…a real experience, but the first movie is absolutely phenomenal, especially now that I realized that the minions might be autistic. Here’s my reasoning: They vocal stim and happy-flap in unison to express joy.Continue reading “Are the minions autistic???”

Schizophrenia and Aberrant Salience

One of my special interests is psychosis/schizophrenia. I posted this infodump on Tumblr a few days ago, and it got a lot of notes and made its way over to some psychosis blogs, which was cool. (When I say psychosis blogs, I mean blogs run by/for people with psychotic illnesses or who experience psychosis onContinue reading “Schizophrenia and Aberrant Salience”

Instacringe: my thoughts on instagram…poetry?

Note: For a screen reader-friendly version of this post, click here. There are so many Instagram accounts devoted to posting brief, vapid poems, mostly about love and its aftermath, in typewriter-y fonts with clunky metaphors and a persistent refusal to adhere to the standard rules of capitalization. With so many instapoems to choose from, andContinue reading “Instacringe: my thoughts on instagram…poetry?”

Zoom University, Autistic Edition

THIS MEETING IS BEING RECORDED. I have been doing school online for approximately five weeks now. My school runs on the quarter system (one quarter = 10 weeks = many-a-headache), and fortuitously, everyone’s having to leave the dorms coincided with the week before finals. I use the term fortuitous with the obvious caveat that nothingContinue reading “Zoom University, Autistic Edition”

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